Indie Music Videos
  1. "Grateful" - Yazmin Moñet Watkins
    A beautiful Spoken-word video set to music by DJ ABBY AB
  2. "Bad Timing" - B.O.S.S
    Remastered performance version
  3. "Major Love" - B.O.S.S
    Conceptual Performance-driven Music video
  4. "Me & You" - B.O.S.S
    Performance-driven Soul Music video
  5. "Mind" - B.O.S.S
    B&W Conceptual Performance-driven Soul Video
  6. "Come Again" - B.O.S.S
    Performance video film in NYC, Brooklyn, LA and Malibu
  1. "Sisters are doing it for themselves"
    Natalia f/ The Pointer Sisters. (Directed the Pointer Sisters Performance only)
  2. "A Place for Us" - Lugo & DJ ABBY AB
    Latin Soul tune filmed in NY & LA
  3. "Speaking my Language" - Kia Muze
    DJ ABBY AB f/ Kia Muze Pop/Soul Video
  4. "It was Love" - Bonnie Paul
    Story-driven Country music video
  5. "Hear my Call" - Cody
    Sexy Performance-driven video filmed DTLA
  6. "Childhood Sweethearts" - Bonnie Paul
    Story-driven country music video

Hit Videos

  1. Hezekiah Walker - "Lets Dance" (remix)
    Top charting Gospel Music video filmed in 35MM film.
  2. "Streets is Watching/Where I'm From"
    Jay-Z's #1 hit video filmed in 35MM film
  3. "Dead Presidents" - Jay-Z
    #1 Performance-Narrative music video. Filmed in 35MM film
  4. "Ain't No" - Jay-Z & Foxy Brown
    #1 video filmed in Miami in 35MM film
  5. "The Actual" - All City
    #1 video filmed in NYC & Brooklyn in Super 16MM.
  6. "Actual Facts" - Lord Finesse
    #1 video f/ Large Pro. Sadat X & Grand Puba, filmed in Super 16mm Film
  1. 3rd Wish f/ PATMOE - "I Am"
    Pop/Rap video filmed in 35MM in LA, CA
  2. "Face Off" - Jay-Z & Sauce Money
    HOT VIDEO from the Streets is Watching movie
  3. "Actions/38 Special" - Sauce Money
    Premier music video filmed in Brooklyn in 35MM film
  4. "Ride with me" - Caffeine
    Filmed in Cali in 35mm film
  5. "Party 2Nite" - LADAE f/ Chubb Rock
    Filmed in 35mm film in NY for Motown Artists Ladae
  6. "One Step/Fake MC's" - Killah Priest
    Filmed in 35MM film in Miami Florida
  1. "Feel your pain" - The Whitehead Bros
    Concept-driven performance video. Filmed in 35MM in NY.
  2. "Niña" - 3RD Wish
    #1 video for Boy Band 3rd Wish. Filmed in Orlando, FL 35mm film
  3. "Hallelujah do you do" - Kevin L.
    Hip Hop Gospel performance video filmed in NJ.
  4. "Make up your mind" - Assorted Phlavors f/ Big Daddy Kane
    Performance-driven R&B-Rap video filmed in 35MM film
  5. "Tell me your name" - Shades
    Sexy & Fun Performance-driven video shot in Miami Florida on 35MM film.
  6. "Middle Finger U" - Sauce Money
    Performance-driven rap music video w/ a cameo by Jay-Z.
  1. "In my Lifetime (remix)" - Jay-Z
    Music video filmed in Brooklyn & St. Thomas on super 16mm film
  2. "Midnight X-Ta-C" - Christion
    Sexy interlude with the music from Christion. Filmed in 35MM in NYC.
  3. "Electric City" - Electrik Red
    Sexy dance-driven performance music video shot on the Viper Camera
  4. "Shookie Shookie" - The Gablz
    Smooth & Sexy R&B video filmed in 35MM in NY.
  5. "Represent yo' Hood" - PATMOE
    Performance Driven Rap music video film in LA on 35MM
  6. "Imaginary Players" - Jay-Z
    Performance-Driven, comedic music video shot on 35MM film in NYC.