NEW SINGLE "Electro Love" from the soundtrack of "The Audacity"

photo by Mark T Laurent

The B.O.S.S Music Project
B.O.S.S Music is a musical collaboration with Songwriter/Singer partner Natalieq with DJ ABBY AB as Producer, Songwriter & Main Musician. B.O.S.S has collaborated with Guitarist Mike P. on our first E.P  Tricky Kinda Love  and with Evan Eder on the single 
Let it all go  featured on the album  Liquid Leather  available at most digital stores.
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Embracing the stagename DJ ABBY AB, Abdul has found his nitche in music creation with sexy, soulful, jazzy, R&B music infused with Reggae and Hip Hop flavors. As
DJ ABBY AB he has produced for a few other talented artists such as LUGO , KIA MUZE ,
YAZMIN MOÑET WATKINS and TK THE ARTIST . DJ ABBY AB has released an album entitled  Balance Love Power  which also serves as the soundtrack to the short film ​Balance of Power. ​Abdul's PRO is SESAC.

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